Granite and Marble Benchtops

As leading granite and marble benchtop suppliers in Melbourne, Stone Interiors welcomes our clients to check out our range of high-end benchtops that will captivate your hearts and win you over with their beauty and elegance.

If you are tired of how your kitchen looks and want a change, it is not necessary to launch a full fledge renovations project; sometimes making minor tweaks, adjustments and changes may be the right answer. Small changes such as getting new and improved benchtops designed and built may be just what your kitchen requires to get an updated and contemporary appearance.

But it is not just about the looks, you would definitely want to enjoy enhanced functionality as well. Stone Interiors have just the right kinds of benchtops for your kitchens – ones that will meet your functional requirements and improve the aesthetics of your kitchen as well.

Why Get Granite Benchtops?

If you want to make your kitchens look chic and grand, then we suggest you select from our range of granite benchtops. With their bold and beautiful shades, they make a strong style statement and make your kitchens look fabulous. They are highly durable, strong and sturdy. They are able to resist staining, scratching and chipping so if you are a rough user in the kitchen or if your benchtops have to cater for heavy traffic, then granite benchtops are the answer!

Why Get Marble Benchtops?

Where granite benchtops make a bold style statement, marble benchtops too make a style statement but in a softer tone. With their lighter shades and elegant colours, marble benchtops can make your kitchens look bright, airy and refreshing. They are graceful additions to your kitchens, both commercial as well as domestic.

Granite & Marble Suppliers

As far as their application in a kitchen environment is concerned, marble benchtops, designed and installed by Stone Interiors, are great because they are highly resistant to heating. So if you place a hot pot or a pan on your marble benchtop, you need not worry about damaging it or making it too hot. Marble benchtops are therefore ideal for cooking and baking!

If you want any help with designing and selection of the right material for your benchtops you need not look any further. Being expert suppliers of granite and marble, we can help you get acquainted with their characteristics. Having a better insight into these materials will help you in making a more informed decision – one which you will enjoy for many years to come.

So give us a call today at Stone Interiors and let us help you!